Hello future enthusiast

You can make a difference here!

Want to build something with us?

A square igloo – why not?

This is what Ferdi (6 yrs) would like to get from you. And what counts for us: the perspective of the children. Do you want to get involved?

Activate Building

Congratulations – you did it! But we all know: nobody saves us polar bears alone. So: join our team and let us build the future together.

I am somebody. And yes, I can.

Building an igloo isn’t your thing? You want to make a difference someplace else? You prefer to do something else? Very nice: here, everybody – big and little – contribute what they can. Together we create educational places for our children and their companions to discover and experience, to feel well and to grow. Inside or outside, in the dirt or online – in our daycare centres, children grasp the world of today. And ideally grab their opportunities tomorrow.

Just like you are doing maybe already today?

You do not know our free and nonprofit sponsor littlebigFuture well enough yet? Then you will get to know – and hopefully love – us now. At least as much as necessary for a good work relationship.

Oops. With every click towards us, you understand us a little less?! Do not be surprised. It’s because we haven’t translated all of the content yet. However, our translator Karin is working tirelessly to give you a better understanding of our world.

How nice that you are here right now.

Let’s stay in touch.

Here is where we need you

Find your place with us

We are looking for colleagues and collaborators in our daycare centres, with the sponsor, or anywhere else in the universe – play a part where you can and let us shape education together.

A tempting offer?

Help yourself!

The slice of cake goes to you! So come over soon – we cannot resist much longer. You don’t fancy sweet treats? Maybe this is for you: bike leasing as you wish, 32 leave days and an annual health budget of 600 euros. Just like that as an appetizer. You can find out all about our benefits in the job postings.

The most important thing for us anyway is: it fits. Bene?

Vacant positions
We are more than just the bear

Join us in our cosmos

Education in a vacuum? On the contrary: We include all of our surroundings, especially the people who shape it: WE all give our best: create places, furniture, workshops, IT structures or websites like this one.

And this is what we stand for:

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Pedagogical expert team

Education is at the heart of our company. Get to know the minds behind our pedagogy and follow their thoughts in our pedagogical conception.

Communication & Marketing

Whatever you get to see of us, the members of our marketing team have made it look nice for you – and themselves, too.

Adventurers & Inventors

littlebigInnovation: Big and little innovations by big and little children who develop products together.

We are available for you

Let us hear from you

We are always happy to receive kind words and gain new contacts. It doesn’t have to be about something grand. Maybe you would just like to have a cake recipe or an answer to your question? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch.